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Ian Couryer Custom flies for sale.

With over 20 years experience fishing and guiding on the Vaal river and Sterkfontein Dam, Ian has a selection of guide flies that work. Some are his own designs and others are a new spin on some old faithfuls,many are not available commercially. 

All are tied on quality, tried and tested imported Korean, Japanese and Scandinavian hooks, these patterns will give any angler the edge.

Smallmouth Yellowfish Flies

Smallmouth River Selection. 100 flies, 20 patterns, in an Xplorer clear double sided waterproof fly box.    Suitable for Vaal River, Orange River and Tributaries.


Classic Mustard Caddis

Classic Mustard Caddis #10

PTN Hotspot Jig # 14

Green Machine # 12, # 14.

Orange Bead Hares ear Caddis.# 12

PTN Orange bead Jig, # 14